​Somehow, technology hasn't made your life simpler.

Your business is moving rapidly, and your business systems have become very complex. New projects require new systems and it all needs to fit together. Somehow, your business needs to absorb all this while streamlining its functions.

Call us.

We can fix it.

We can integrate systems, adapt them to your business, document and communicate the processes, and train your workforce.


Coalesce Solutions® helps you resolve the issues challenging your company with an array of tangible business analysis, process development, and implementation solutions and strategies. We facilitate focus groups, master market analysis, map processes, document requirements and validate solutions – and that's just the start. With Business Solutions from Coalesce®, consider your challenges solved.​​

  • Compliance Reporting 

  • Solution Assessment & Validation

  • System Implementation Plan & Execution

  • Project Management

  • Focus Group Facilitation 

  • Communication Strategy & Execution

  • Business Modeling & Process Mapping  

  • Business Analysis

  • System and Process Gap Assessment     

  • Strategy Formation & Roadmap Development

  • Requirements Analysis & Documentation

  • Job Aid, User Guide & Technical Documentation

  • Use Case Development


Your organization has unique needs, unique challenges, unique processes, and unique users. At Coalesce Solutions®, we specialize in unique. We're all about creating custom solutions, from system integrations to custom software development, third-party software implementations, and custom intranet development for organization-wide communication and sharing that exactly fit your needs.


  • Legacy Content, Tools & Applications Assessment

  • Conversion/Migration From Legacy System 

  • Role & Authority Driven Workflows & Content Access

  • Content Alignment for Business Consistency & Integrity

  • Profile Management & Single Sign-On (SSO) via LDAP, ADP or Custom Integration

  • Broadcast Notification System for Sharing Goals, Updates & Metrics

  • Employee Blogs & Message Boards with Admin Controls

  • Access Tracking & Logging for Compliance & Audits 


Data drives everything. Everything. Solid data equals solid decision-making, and with comprehensive business intelligence and reporting solutions from Coalesce®, you'll have confidence in every decision you make. We provide data mining and analysis, integration and mapping and a host of data solutions that solve your data nightmares.


  • Data Integration

  • ETL and Business Intelligence           

  • Data Mining & Predictive Analysis

  • Data Warehouse & Data Mart Development

  • Schema Refinement for Data Normalization

  • Mapping of Systems and Process Relationships

  • Dependencies and User Interactions



Just like professional sports organizations, companies require highly trained, fine-tuned employees to lead their team to success. That kind of superstar talent requires superstar training. Think of Coalesce Solutions® as your coaching staff with a playbook for success. Our experienced trainers create engaging tutorials and detailed training plans for your team utilizing our dynamic learning management system (LMS).


  • Training & Org Development Analysis

  • Storyboard, Script & Assessment Development

  • Integrations with Hiring, Operational & Payroll Systems for Automated User Management

  • Interactive & Simulation Training 

  • Module Development

  • Automated Enrollment Based on Profile Changes & Course Performance

  • Custom Auto Enrollment Rules 

  • Real-Time Dashboard with Graphical Reporting

  • Compliance Tracking & Reporting

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